Home-made 6-pin DIN-plug

Tascam Portastudio

For the restoration of an old audio mixer (Tascam Portastudio 424mkIII), the first task was to find a suitable power supply. It didn’t come with a supply, only a weird looking connector, with the words next to it: “~IN TASCAM PS-424mkIII ONLY”. It looks a lot like a DIN connector, but with 6 pins scattered in random places. Nevertheless and according to wikipedia it’s not random, but appears to be standard after all.

20200517_194255Some research on the internet showed, it is indeed a type of DIN connector with the pins placed at 0°, ±60° and ±120° instead of the usual ±45° and ±90°. And it requires 24V AC with a center tap, in other words 2×12V. I found a suitable transformer within a few minutes but unfortunately no such connector could be found in the junk bin. Of course I could search the internet for a vendor of the connector and wait for it to come but, hey, let’s see what we can do with stuff in the house.

DIN connectors

I disassembled a few normal DIN connectors from the junk bin and I thought, what if I could drill a few holes and place the pins in other positions. But of course that would become a mess, the pins wouldn’t sit sturdy and straight and it would be a failure.

But I’ve got a little computer controlled router! It’s the dirt cheap (€160) 3018 cnc router from Banggood, that I use for crude, home made pcb fabrication. Looks ideal for this project and has enough precision for such a plug.3018 cnc router

I figured out that a stack of three layers of pcb material would be just the right thickness to replace the plastic thing holding the pins in an existing DIN Plug. I pulled the pins out of the existing DIN plug to re-use them, together with the housing and cable relief thing.

CADsoft Eagle


I started like a normal pcb design project. I am used to CADsoft Eagle, so I designed a Symbol, a Package and a Device (that’s the way Eagle works) and then a Schematic and a Board (again, that’s the way Eagle works). Then I used pcb-gcode.ulp, a User Language Program that converts a pcb into gcode commands that the router will understand. It generates a bunch of files, but for this project I only needed:

  • plug.bot.etch.tap
  • plug.bot.drill.tap
  • plug.bot.mill.tap

“plug” is the name of my project, “bot” stands for bottom, which means that the cnc instructions are for working on the bottom side (copper side) of the pcb. “tap” stands for gcode instructions. The “etch” file contains instructions for scraping away the thin copper, as if it were etched in a chemical process. The drill file contains instructions for drilling holes for through-hole components. The mill file contains instructions for milling. I wanted to use milling for routing out the circumference of the pcb. It would be a round pcb with a diameter of 12mm.20200517_133000 - kopie

The etching and drilling part went fairly smooth. It is no different from manufacturing any pcb. I use grblControl for this work. The hardest thing with the etching process is finding the optimal routing depth. Too shallow, and the copper is barely touched but not completely eaten away. Too deep, and too much copper is removed. I’m using a 30° V-shaped bit for this work. On large pcb’s, there is the possibility to make a “height map”, which should correct for wobbling pcb’s, but that is not needed for a pcb of only 12 mm in diameter.20200517_133953 - kopie

After the etching, came the drilling of holes. I used a 1.4mm routing bit (with 3.175mm shaft), since I have no drill of that size. It is always very satisfying to see the cnc router drill holes exactly in the centre of the pads that were created earlier. I can’t help thinking of days long gone when I tried to hand drill holes in imperfectly etched home-made pcb’s. And now, today there is… perfection!


Final step was supposed to be the milling of the circular outline of the pcb. But alas, nothing happened. It turns out that pcb-gcode.ulp will only produce milling instructions for straight lines, not for circles. Would it be hard to write your own gcode to make a circle? So, time to take a deep dive into the world of gcode.


It turns out to be fairly easy. I took the mill file that pcb-gcode.ulp had produced and added a few commands. I turns out that gcode has a simple command for routing out a circle segment. In my case:

G0 X-3.2 Y10                ; move to the starting point
G1 Z-1 F200                 ; move down
G2 X-16.8 Y10 I-6.8 J0 F100 ; half a circle
G2 X-3.2 Y10 I6.8 J0 F100   ; the other half circle
G1 Z2.5                     ; move up

That does the trick. In this way I made three similar pcb’s.

20200517_143108 - kopie

Temporary pin holder

Then I made a temporary pin holder out of wood. For that purpose, I manipulated the drill file a little bit, so that the holes would be 8mm deep. Now I can stick all six pins in the pin holder and be sure that everything is exactly straight.

20200517_145118 - kopie


I put the middle pin in one of the pcb’s and soldered that pin on, using the wooden pin holder to get it straight. I widened the middle hole of the second pcb to 3mm, to make room for the solder. Then I put the second and third pcb on and the rest of the pins. Then I soldered all the pins to the third pcb only.20200517_151527 - kopie

To my dismay, the whole pcb stack wouldn’t fit in the DIN plug enclosure. Sigh. Using sandpaper, I removed a couple of micrometers until it would fit. Now the whole thing came together. What a beauty. Looks like a bought one!

20200517_152339 - kopie

The product V0.1

The final DIN plug fits perfectly in the power inlet of the Portastudio. But a new problem emerged soon. The way I constructed the plug makes that the metal plug housing is in electrical contact with the centre pin (pin #6). Inside the Portastudio, the housing is connected to ground and pin 6 to 12V AC. So it makes a short. Bummer! At this moment I’m using the plug without the housing, and it works fine. But I’ll still have to come up with a construction that doesn’t cause this short. The easiest solution is probably to cut off the center pin, as it’s doubled with pin 3.

Up to now, this was already the most expensive plug in my life, counting hours. But then again, it’s a hobby and it’s a lot of fun!

20200517_160743 - kopie


G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000
G04 P2.000000
G00 Z2.5400
G00 X-14.7310 Y8.1386
G01 Z-0.2000 F200.00
G01 X-14.7310 Y8.3614 F300.00
G01 X-14.7019 Y8.5824
G01 X-14.6442 Y8.7976
G01 X-14.5590 Y9.0035
G01 X-14.4475 Y9.1965
G01 X-14.3119 Y9.3733
G01 X-14.1543 Y9.5309
G01 X-14.0692 Y9.5962
G01 X-14.0692 Y10.4038
G01 X-14.1543 Y10.4691
G01 X-14.3119 Y10.6267
G01 X-14.4475 Y10.8035
G01 X-14.5590 Y10.9965
G01 X-14.6442 Y11.2024
G01 X-14.7019 Y11.4176
G01 X-14.7310 Y11.6386
G01 X-14.7310 Y11.8614
G01 X-14.7019 Y12.0824
G01 X-14.6442 Y12.2976
G01 X-14.5590 Y12.5035
G01 X-14.4475 Y12.6965
G01 X-14.3119 Y12.8733
G01 X-14.1543 Y13.0309
G01 X-13.9775 Y13.1665
G01 X-13.7845 Y13.2780
G01 X-13.5786 Y13.3632
G01 X-13.3634 Y13.4209
G01 X-13.1424 Y13.4500
G01 X-12.9196 Y13.4500
G01 X-12.6986 Y13.4209
G01 X-12.4834 Y13.3632
G01 X-12.2775 Y13.2780
G01 X-12.0845 Y13.1665
G01 X-11.9077 Y13.0309
G01 X-11.7501 Y12.8733
G01 X-11.6145 Y12.6965
G01 X-11.5030 Y12.5035
G01 X-11.4178 Y12.2976
G01 X-11.3601 Y12.0824
G01 X-11.3310 Y11.8614
G01 X-11.3310 Y11.6386
G01 X-11.3601 Y11.4176
G01 X-11.4178 Y11.2024
G01 X-11.5030 Y10.9965
G01 X-11.6145 Y10.8035
G01 X-11.7501 Y10.6267
G01 X-11.9077 Y10.4691
G01 X-11.9928 Y10.4038
G01 X-11.9928 Y9.5962
G01 X-11.9077 Y9.5309
G01 X-11.7501 Y9.3733
G01 X-11.6145 Y9.1965
G01 X-11.5030 Y9.0035
G01 X-11.4178 Y8.7976
G01 X-11.3601 Y8.5824
G01 X-11.3310 Y8.3614
G01 X-11.3310 Y8.1386
G01 X-11.3601 Y7.9176
G01 X-11.4178 Y7.7024
G01 X-11.5030 Y7.4965
G01 X-11.6145 Y7.3035
G01 X-11.7501 Y7.1267
G01 X-11.9077 Y6.9691
G01 X-12.0845 Y6.8335
G01 X-12.2775 Y6.7220
G01 X-12.4834 Y6.6368
G01 X-12.6986 Y6.5791
G01 X-12.9196 Y6.5500
G01 X-13.1424 Y6.5500
G01 X-13.3634 Y6.5791
G01 X-13.5786 Y6.6368
G01 X-13.7845 Y6.7220
G01 X-13.9775 Y6.8335
G01 X-14.1543 Y6.9691
G01 X-14.3119 Y7.1267
G01 X-14.4475 Y7.3035
G01 X-14.5590 Y7.4965
G01 X-14.6442 Y7.7024
G01 X-14.7019 Y7.9176
G01 X-14.7310 Y8.1386
G00 Z2.5400
G00 X-11.7000 Y13.3886
G01 Z-0.2000 F200.00
G01 X-11.7000 Y13.6114 F300.00
G01 X-11.6709 Y13.8324
G01 X-11.6132 Y14.0476
G01 X-11.5280 Y14.2535
G01 X-11.4165 Y14.4465
G01 X-11.2809 Y14.6233
G01 X-11.1233 Y14.7809
G01 X-10.9465 Y14.9165
G01 X-10.7535 Y15.0280
G01 X-10.5476 Y15.1132
G01 X-10.3324 Y15.1709
G01 X-10.1114 Y15.2000
G01 X-9.8886 Y15.2000
G01 X-9.6676 Y15.1709
G01 X-9.4524 Y15.1132
G01 X-9.2465 Y15.0280
G01 X-9.0535 Y14.9165
G01 X-8.8767 Y14.7809
G01 X-8.7191 Y14.6233
G01 X-8.5835 Y14.4465
G01 X-8.4720 Y14.2535
G01 X-8.3868 Y14.0476
G01 X-8.3291 Y13.8324
G01 X-8.3151 Y13.7260
G01 X-7.6157 Y13.3222
G01 X-7.5166 Y13.3632
G01 X-7.3014 Y13.4209
G01 X-7.0804 Y13.4500
G01 X-6.8576 Y13.4500
G01 X-6.6366 Y13.4209
G01 X-6.4214 Y13.3632
G01 X-6.2155 Y13.2780
G01 X-6.0225 Y13.1665
G01 X-5.8457 Y13.0309
G01 X-5.6881 Y12.8733
G01 X-5.5525 Y12.6965
G01 X-5.4410 Y12.5035
G01 X-5.3558 Y12.2976
G01 X-5.2981 Y12.0824
G01 X-5.2690 Y11.8614
G01 X-5.2690 Y11.6386
G01 X-5.2981 Y11.4176
G01 X-5.3558 Y11.2024
G01 X-5.4410 Y10.9965
G01 X-5.5525 Y10.8035
G01 X-5.6881 Y10.6267
G01 X-5.8457 Y10.4691
G01 X-6.0225 Y10.3335
G01 X-6.2155 Y10.2220
G01 X-6.4214 Y10.1368
G01 X-6.6366 Y10.0791
G01 X-6.8576 Y10.0500
G01 X-7.0804 Y10.0500
G01 X-7.3014 Y10.0791
G01 X-7.5166 Y10.1368
G01 X-7.7225 Y10.2220
G01 X-7.9155 Y10.3335
G01 X-8.0923 Y10.4691
G01 X-8.2499 Y10.6267
G01 X-8.3855 Y10.8035
G01 X-8.4970 Y10.9965
G01 X-8.5822 Y11.2024
G01 X-8.6399 Y11.4176
G01 X-8.6539 Y11.5240
G01 X-9.3533 Y11.9278
G01 X-9.4524 Y11.8868
G01 X-9.6676 Y11.8291
G01 X-9.8886 Y11.8000
G01 X-10.1114 Y11.8000
G01 X-10.3324 Y11.8291
G01 X-10.5476 Y11.8868
G01 X-10.7535 Y11.9720
G01 X-10.9465 Y12.0835
G01 X-11.1233 Y12.2191
G01 X-11.2809 Y12.3767
G01 X-11.4165 Y12.5535
G01 X-11.5280 Y12.7465
G01 X-11.6132 Y12.9524
G01 X-11.6709 Y13.1676
G01 X-11.7000 Y13.3886
G00 Z2.5400
G00 X-11.7000 Y9.8886
G01 Z-0.2000 F200.00
G01 X-11.7000 Y10.1114 F300.00
G01 X-11.6709 Y10.3324
G01 X-11.6132 Y10.5476
G01 X-11.5280 Y10.7535
G01 X-11.4165 Y10.9465
G01 X-11.2809 Y11.1233
G01 X-11.1233 Y11.2809
G01 X-10.9465 Y11.4165
G01 X-10.7535 Y11.5280
G01 X-10.5476 Y11.6132
G01 X-10.3324 Y11.6709
G01 X-10.1114 Y11.7000
G01 X-9.8886 Y11.7000
G01 X-9.6676 Y11.6709
G01 X-9.4524 Y11.6132
G01 X-9.2465 Y11.5280
G01 X-9.0535 Y11.4165
G01 X-8.8767 Y11.2809
G01 X-8.7191 Y11.1233
G01 X-8.5835 Y10.9465
G01 X-8.4720 Y10.7535
G01 X-8.3868 Y10.5476
G01 X-8.3291 Y10.3324
G01 X-8.3151 Y10.2260
G01 X-7.6157 Y9.8222
G01 X-7.5166 Y9.8632
G01 X-7.3014 Y9.9209
G01 X-7.0804 Y9.9500
G01 X-6.8576 Y9.9500
G01 X-6.6366 Y9.9209
G01 X-6.4214 Y9.8632
G01 X-6.2155 Y9.7780
G01 X-6.0225 Y9.6665
G01 X-5.8457 Y9.5309
G01 X-5.6881 Y9.3733
G01 X-5.5525 Y9.1965
G01 X-5.4410 Y9.0035
G01 X-5.3558 Y8.7976
G01 X-5.2981 Y8.5824
G01 X-5.2690 Y8.3614
G01 X-5.2690 Y8.1386
G01 X-5.2981 Y7.9176
G01 X-5.3558 Y7.7024
G01 X-5.4410 Y7.4965
G01 X-5.5525 Y7.3035
G01 X-5.6881 Y7.1267
G01 X-5.8457 Y6.9691
G01 X-6.0225 Y6.8335
G01 X-6.2155 Y6.7220
G01 X-6.4214 Y6.6368
G01 X-6.6366 Y6.5791
G01 X-6.8576 Y6.5500
G01 X-7.0804 Y6.5500
G01 X-7.3014 Y6.5791
G01 X-7.5166 Y6.6368
G01 X-7.7225 Y6.7220
G01 X-7.9155 Y6.8335
G01 X-8.0923 Y6.9691
G01 X-8.2499 Y7.1267
G01 X-8.3855 Y7.3035
G01 X-8.4970 Y7.4965
G01 X-8.5822 Y7.7024
G01 X-8.6399 Y7.9176
G01 X-8.6539 Y8.0240
G01 X-9.3533 Y8.4278
G01 X-9.4524 Y8.3868
G01 X-9.6676 Y8.3291
G01 X-9.8886 Y8.3000
G01 X-10.1114 Y8.3000
G01 X-10.3324 Y8.3291
G01 X-10.5476 Y8.3868
G01 X-10.7535 Y8.4720
G01 X-10.9465 Y8.5835
G01 X-11.1233 Y8.7191
G01 X-11.2809 Y8.8767
G01 X-11.4165 Y9.0535
G01 X-11.5280 Y9.2465
G01 X-11.6132 Y9.4524
G01 X-11.6709 Y9.6676
G01 X-11.7000 Y9.8886
G00 Z2.5400
G00 X-11.0578 Y11.5832
G01 Z-0.2000 F200.00
G01 X-10.8422 Y11.7077 F300.00
G01 X-10.7401 Y11.7500
G01 X-10.8422 Y11.7923
G01 X-11.0578 Y11.9168
G01 X-11.1454 Y11.9840
G01 X-11.1310 Y11.8745
G01 X-11.1310 Y11.6255
G01 X-11.1454 Y11.5160
G01 X-11.0578 Y11.5832
G00 Z2.5400
G00 X-14.2864 Y10.3184
G01 Z-0.2000 F200.00
G01 X-14.4626 Y10.4946 F300.00
G01 X-14.6142 Y10.6921
G01 X-14.7387 Y10.9078
G01 X-14.8340 Y11.1380
G01 X-14.8985 Y11.3785
G01 X-14.9310 Y11.6255
G01 X-14.9310 Y11.8745
G01 X-14.8985 Y12.1215
G01 X-14.8340 Y12.3620
G01 X-14.7387 Y12.5922
G01 X-14.6142 Y12.8078
G01 X-14.4626 Y13.0054
G01 X-14.2864 Y13.1816
G01 X-14.0888 Y13.3332
G01 X-13.8732 Y13.4577
G01 X-13.6430 Y13.5530
G01 X-13.4025 Y13.6175
G01 X-13.1555 Y13.6500
G01 X-12.9065 Y13.6500
G01 X-12.6595 Y13.6175
G01 X-12.4190 Y13.5530
G01 X-12.1888 Y13.4577
G01 X-11.9732 Y13.3332
G01 X-11.8856 Y13.2660
G01 X-11.9000 Y13.3755
G01 X-11.9000 Y13.6245
G01 X-11.8675 Y13.8715
G01 X-11.8030 Y14.1120
G01 X-11.7077 Y14.3422
G01 X-11.5832 Y14.5578
G01 X-11.4316 Y14.7554
G01 X-11.2554 Y14.9316
G01 X-11.0578 Y15.0832
G01 X-10.8422 Y15.2077
G01 X-10.6120 Y15.3030
G01 X-10.3715 Y15.3675
G01 X-10.1245 Y15.4000
G01 X-9.8755 Y15.4000
G01 X-9.6285 Y15.3675
G01 X-9.3880 Y15.3030
G01 X-9.1578 Y15.2077
G01 X-8.9421 Y15.0832
G01 X-8.7446 Y14.9316
G01 X-8.5684 Y14.7554
G01 X-8.4168 Y14.5578
G01 X-8.2923 Y14.3422
G01 X-8.1970 Y14.1120
G01 X-8.1325 Y13.8715
G01 X-8.1297 Y13.8499
G01 X-7.6011 Y13.5447
G01 X-7.5810 Y13.5530
G01 X-7.3405 Y13.6175
G01 X-7.0935 Y13.6500
G01 X-6.8445 Y13.6500
G01 X-6.5975 Y13.6175
G01 X-6.3570 Y13.5530
G01 X-6.1268 Y13.4577
G01 X-5.9112 Y13.3332
G01 X-5.7136 Y13.1816
G01 X-5.5374 Y13.0054
G01 X-5.3858 Y12.8078
G01 X-5.2613 Y12.5922
G01 X-5.1660 Y12.3620
G01 X-5.1015 Y12.1215
G01 X-5.0690 Y11.8745
G01 X-5.0690 Y11.6255
G01 X-5.1015 Y11.3785
G01 X-5.1660 Y11.1380
G01 X-5.2613 Y10.9078
G01 X-5.3858 Y10.6921
G01 X-5.5374 Y10.4946
G01 X-5.7136 Y10.3184
G01 X-5.9112 Y10.1668
G01 X-6.1268 Y10.0423
G01 X-6.2289 Y10.0000
G01 X-6.1268 Y9.9577
G01 X-5.9112 Y9.8332
G01 X-5.7136 Y9.6816
G01 X-5.5374 Y9.5054
G01 X-5.3858 Y9.3078
G01 X-5.2613 Y9.0922
G01 X-5.1660 Y8.8620
G01 X-5.1015 Y8.6215
G01 X-5.0690 Y8.3745
G01 X-5.0690 Y8.1255
G01 X-5.1015 Y7.8785
G01 X-5.1660 Y7.6380
G01 X-5.2613 Y7.4078
G01 X-5.3858 Y7.1922
G01 X-5.5374 Y6.9946
G01 X-5.7136 Y6.8184
G01 X-5.9112 Y6.6668
G01 X-6.1268 Y6.5423
G01 X-6.3570 Y6.4470
G01 X-6.5975 Y6.3825
G01 X-6.8445 Y6.3500
G01 X-7.0935 Y6.3500
G01 X-7.3405 Y6.3825
G01 X-7.5810 Y6.4470
G01 X-7.8112 Y6.5423
G01 X-8.0268 Y6.6668
G01 X-8.2244 Y6.8184
G01 X-8.4006 Y6.9946
G01 X-8.5522 Y7.1922
G01 X-8.6767 Y7.4078
G01 X-8.7720 Y7.6380
G01 X-8.8365 Y7.8785
G01 X-8.8393 Y7.9001
G01 X-9.3679 Y8.2053
G01 X-9.3880 Y8.1970
G01 X-9.6285 Y8.1325
G01 X-9.8755 Y8.1000
G01 X-10.1245 Y8.1000
G01 X-10.3715 Y8.1325
G01 X-10.6120 Y8.1970
G01 X-10.8422 Y8.2923
G01 X-11.0578 Y8.4168
G01 X-11.1454 Y8.4840
G01 X-11.1310 Y8.3745
G01 X-11.1310 Y8.1255
G01 X-11.1635 Y7.8785
G01 X-11.2280 Y7.6380
G01 X-11.3233 Y7.4078
G01 X-11.4478 Y7.1922
G01 X-11.5994 Y6.9946
G01 X-11.7756 Y6.8184
G01 X-11.9732 Y6.6668
G01 X-12.1888 Y6.5423
G01 X-12.4190 Y6.4470
G01 X-12.6595 Y6.3825
G01 X-12.9065 Y6.3500
G01 X-13.1555 Y6.3500
G01 X-13.4025 Y6.3825
G01 X-13.6430 Y6.4470
G01 X-13.8732 Y6.5423
G01 X-14.0888 Y6.6668
G01 X-14.2864 Y6.8184
G01 X-14.4626 Y6.9946
G01 X-14.6142 Y7.1922
G01 X-14.7387 Y7.4078
G01 X-14.8340 Y7.6380
G01 X-14.8985 Y7.8785
G01 X-14.9310 Y8.1255
G01 X-14.9310 Y8.3745
G01 X-14.8985 Y8.6215
G01 X-14.8340 Y8.8620
G01 X-14.7387 Y9.0922
G01 X-14.6142 Y9.3078
G01 X-14.4626 Y9.5054
G01 X-14.2864 Y9.6816
G01 X-14.2692 Y9.6948
G01 X-14.2692 Y10.3052
G01 X-14.2864 Y10.3184
G00 Z2.5400
G00 X-14.6133 Y10.3624
G01 Z-0.2000 F200.00
G01 X-14.7808 Y10.5808 F300.00
G01 X-14.9185 Y10.8192
G01 X-15.0238 Y11.0735
G01 X-15.0951 Y11.3394
G01 X-15.1310 Y11.6124
G01 X-15.1310 Y11.8876
G01 X-15.0951 Y12.1606
G01 X-15.0238 Y12.4265
G01 X-14.9185 Y12.6808
G01 X-14.7808 Y12.9192
G01 X-14.6133 Y13.1376
G01 X-14.4186 Y13.3323
G01 X-14.2002 Y13.4998
G01 X-13.9618 Y13.6375
G01 X-13.7075 Y13.7428
G01 X-13.4416 Y13.8141
G01 X-13.1686 Y13.8500
G01 X-12.8934 Y13.8500
G01 X-12.6204 Y13.8141
G01 X-12.3545 Y13.7428
G01 X-12.1002 Y13.6375
G01 X-12.0641 Y13.9106
G01 X-11.9928 Y14.1765
G01 X-11.8875 Y14.4308
G01 X-11.7498 Y14.6692
G01 X-11.5823 Y14.8876
G01 X-11.3876 Y15.0823
G01 X-11.1692 Y15.2498
G01 X-10.9308 Y15.3875
G01 X-10.6765 Y15.4928
G01 X-10.4106 Y15.5641
G01 X-10.1376 Y15.6000
G01 X-9.8624 Y15.6000
G01 X-9.5894 Y15.5641
G01 X-9.3235 Y15.4928
G01 X-9.0692 Y15.3875
G01 X-8.8308 Y15.2498
G01 X-8.6124 Y15.0823
G01 X-8.4177 Y14.8876
G01 X-8.2502 Y14.6692
G01 X-8.1125 Y14.4308
G01 X-8.0072 Y14.1765
G01 X-7.9544 Y13.9797
G01 X-7.5763 Y13.7613
G01 X-7.3796 Y13.8141
G01 X-7.1066 Y13.8500
G01 X-6.8314 Y13.8500
G01 X-6.5584 Y13.8141
G01 X-6.2925 Y13.7428
G01 X-6.0382 Y13.6375
G01 X-5.7998 Y13.4998
G01 X-5.5814 Y13.3323
G01 X-5.3867 Y13.1376
G01 X-5.2192 Y12.9192
G01 X-5.0815 Y12.6808
G01 X-4.9762 Y12.4265
G01 X-4.9049 Y12.1606
G01 X-4.8690 Y11.8876
G01 X-4.8690 Y11.6124
G01 X-4.9049 Y11.3394
G01 X-4.9762 Y11.0735
G01 X-5.0815 Y10.8192
G01 X-5.2192 Y10.5808
G01 X-5.3867 Y10.3624
G01 X-5.5814 Y10.1677
G01 X-5.7998 Y10.0002
G01 X-5.5814 Y9.8323
G01 X-5.3867 Y9.6376
G01 X-5.2192 Y9.4192
G01 X-5.0815 Y9.1808
G01 X-4.9762 Y8.9265
G01 X-4.9049 Y8.6606
G01 X-4.8690 Y8.3876
G01 X-4.8690 Y8.1124
G01 X-4.9049 Y7.8394
G01 X-4.9762 Y7.5735
G01 X-5.0815 Y7.3192
G01 X-5.2192 Y7.0808
G01 X-5.3867 Y6.8624
G01 X-5.5814 Y6.6677
G01 X-5.7998 Y6.5002
G01 X-6.0382 Y6.3625
G01 X-6.2925 Y6.2572
G01 X-6.5584 Y6.1859
G01 X-6.8314 Y6.1500
G01 X-7.1066 Y6.1500
G01 X-7.3796 Y6.1859
G01 X-7.6455 Y6.2572
G01 X-7.8998 Y6.3625
G01 X-8.1382 Y6.5002
G01 X-8.3566 Y6.6677
G01 X-8.5512 Y6.8624
G01 X-8.7188 Y7.0808
G01 X-8.8565 Y7.3192
G01 X-8.9618 Y7.5735
G01 X-9.0145 Y7.7703
G01 X-9.3927 Y7.9887
G01 X-9.5894 Y7.9359
G01 X-9.8624 Y7.9000
G01 X-10.1376 Y7.9000
G01 X-10.4106 Y7.9359
G01 X-10.6765 Y8.0072
G01 X-10.9308 Y8.1125
G01 X-10.9669 Y7.8394
G01 X-11.0382 Y7.5735
G01 X-11.1435 Y7.3192
G01 X-11.2812 Y7.0808
G01 X-11.4487 Y6.8624
G01 X-11.6434 Y6.6677
G01 X-11.8618 Y6.5002
G01 X-12.1002 Y6.3625
G01 X-12.3545 Y6.2572
G01 X-12.6204 Y6.1859
G01 X-12.8934 Y6.1500
G01 X-13.1686 Y6.1500
G01 X-13.4416 Y6.1859
G01 X-13.7075 Y6.2572
G01 X-13.9618 Y6.3625
G01 X-14.2002 Y6.5002
G01 X-14.4186 Y6.6677
G01 X-14.6133 Y6.8624
G01 X-14.7808 Y7.0808
G01 X-14.9185 Y7.3192
G01 X-15.0238 Y7.5735
G01 X-15.0951 Y7.8394
G01 X-15.1310 Y8.1124
G01 X-15.1310 Y8.3876
G01 X-15.0951 Y8.6606
G01 X-15.0238 Y8.9265
G01 X-14.9185 Y9.1808
G01 X-14.7808 Y9.4192
G01 X-14.6133 Y9.6376
G01 X-14.4692 Y9.7816
G01 X-14.4692 Y10.2184
G01 X-14.6133 Y10.3624
G00 Z2.5400
G00 X-12.2606 Y13.9497
G01 Z-0.2000 F200.00
G01 X-12.1826 Y14.2409 F300.00
G01 X-12.0672 Y14.5194
G01 X-11.9165 Y14.7805
G01 X-11.7329 Y15.0197
G01 X-11.5197 Y15.2329
G01 X-11.2805 Y15.4165
G01 X-11.0194 Y15.5672
G01 X-10.7409 Y15.6826
G01 X-10.4497 Y15.7606
G01 X-10.1508 Y15.8000
G01 X-9.8492 Y15.8000
G01 X-9.5503 Y15.7606
G01 X-9.2591 Y15.6826
G01 X-8.9806 Y15.5672
G01 X-8.7194 Y15.4165
G01 X-8.4802 Y15.2329
G01 X-8.2671 Y15.0197
G01 X-8.0835 Y14.7805
G01 X-7.9328 Y14.5194
G01 X-7.8174 Y14.2409
G01 X-7.7827 Y14.1114
G01 X-7.5481 Y13.9760
G01 X-7.4187 Y14.0106
G01 X-7.1198 Y14.0500
G01 X-6.8182 Y14.0500
G01 X-6.5193 Y14.0106
G01 X-6.2281 Y13.9326
G01 X-5.9496 Y13.8172
G01 X-5.6884 Y13.6665
G01 X-5.4493 Y13.4829
G01 X-5.2361 Y13.2697
G01 X-5.0525 Y13.0305
G01 X-4.9018 Y12.7694
G01 X-4.7864 Y12.4909
G01 X-4.7084 Y12.1997
G01 X-4.6690 Y11.9008
G01 X-4.6690 Y11.5992
G01 X-4.7084 Y11.3003
G01 X-4.7864 Y11.0091
G01 X-4.9018 Y10.7306
G01 X-5.0525 Y10.4694
G01 X-5.2361 Y10.2302
G01 X-5.4493 Y10.0171
G01 X-5.4715 Y10.0000
G01 X-5.4493 Y9.9829
G01 X-5.2361 Y9.7697
G01 X-5.0525 Y9.5305
G01 X-4.9018 Y9.2694
G01 X-4.7864 Y8.9909
G01 X-4.7084 Y8.6997
G01 X-4.6690 Y8.4008
G01 X-4.6690 Y8.0992
G01 X-4.7084 Y7.8003
G01 X-4.7864 Y7.5091
G01 X-4.9018 Y7.2306
G01 X-5.0525 Y6.9694
G01 X-5.2361 Y6.7303
G01 X-5.4493 Y6.5171
G01 X-5.6884 Y6.3335
G01 X-5.9496 Y6.1828
G01 X-6.2281 Y6.0674
G01 X-6.5193 Y5.9894
G01 X-6.8182 Y5.9500
G01 X-7.1198 Y5.9500
G01 X-7.4187 Y5.9894
G01 X-7.7099 Y6.0674
G01 X-7.9884 Y6.1828
G01 X-8.2496 Y6.3335
G01 X-8.4887 Y6.5171
G01 X-8.7019 Y6.7303
G01 X-8.8855 Y6.9694
G01 X-9.0362 Y7.2306
G01 X-9.1516 Y7.5091
G01 X-9.1863 Y7.6386
G01 X-9.4209 Y7.7740
G01 X-9.5503 Y7.7394
G01 X-9.8492 Y7.7000
G01 X-10.1508 Y7.7000
G01 X-10.4497 Y7.7394
G01 X-10.7409 Y7.8174
G01 X-10.7667 Y7.8281
G01 X-10.7704 Y7.8003
G01 X-10.8484 Y7.5091
G01 X-10.9638 Y7.2306
G01 X-11.1145 Y6.9694
G01 X-11.2981 Y6.7303
G01 X-11.5113 Y6.5171
G01 X-11.7504 Y6.3335
G01 X-12.0115 Y6.1828
G01 X-12.2901 Y6.0674
G01 X-12.5813 Y5.9894
G01 X-12.8802 Y5.9500
G01 X-13.1818 Y5.9500
G01 X-13.4807 Y5.9894
G01 X-13.7719 Y6.0674
G01 X-14.0504 Y6.1828
G01 X-14.3116 Y6.3335
G01 X-14.5507 Y6.5171
G01 X-14.7639 Y6.7303
G01 X-14.9475 Y6.9694
G01 X-15.0982 Y7.2306
G01 X-15.2136 Y7.5091
G01 X-15.2916 Y7.8003
G01 X-15.3310 Y8.0992
G01 X-15.3310 Y8.4008
G01 X-15.2916 Y8.6997
G01 X-15.2136 Y8.9909
G01 X-15.0982 Y9.2694
G01 X-14.9475 Y9.5305
G01 X-14.7639 Y9.7697
G01 X-14.6692 Y9.8645
G01 X-14.6692 Y10.1355
G01 X-14.7639 Y10.2302
G01 X-14.9475 Y10.4694
G01 X-15.0982 Y10.7306
G01 X-15.2136 Y11.0091
G01 X-15.2916 Y11.3003
G01 X-15.3310 Y11.5992
G01 X-15.3310 Y11.9008
G01 X-15.2916 Y12.1997
G01 X-15.2136 Y12.4909
G01 X-15.0982 Y12.7694
G01 X-14.9475 Y13.0305
G01 X-14.7639 Y13.2697
G01 X-14.5507 Y13.4829
G01 X-14.3116 Y13.6665
G01 X-14.0504 Y13.8172
G01 X-13.7719 Y13.9326
G01 X-13.4807 Y14.0106
G01 X-13.1818 Y14.0500
G01 X-12.8802 Y14.0500
G01 X-12.5813 Y14.0106
G01 X-12.2901 Y13.9326
G01 X-12.2643 Y13.9219
G01 X-12.2606 Y13.9497
G00 Z2.5400
G00 X-12.4061 Y14.1932
G01 Z-0.2000 F200.00
G01 X-12.3133 Y14.4582 F300.00
G01 X-12.1915 Y14.7112
G01 X-12.0421 Y14.9490
G01 X-11.8670 Y15.1685
G01 X-11.6685 Y15.3670
G01 X-11.4490 Y15.5421
G01 X-11.2112 Y15.6915
G01 X-10.9582 Y15.8133
G01 X-10.6932 Y15.9061
G01 X-10.4194 Y15.9686
G01 X-10.1404 Y16.0000
G01 X-9.8596 Y16.0000
G01 X-9.5806 Y15.9686
G01 X-9.3068 Y15.9061
G01 X-9.0418 Y15.8133
G01 X-8.7888 Y15.6915
G01 X-8.5510 Y15.5421
G01 X-8.3315 Y15.3670
G01 X-8.1330 Y15.1685
G01 X-7.9579 Y14.9490
G01 X-7.8085 Y14.7112
G01 X-7.6867 Y14.4582
G01 X-7.6116 Y14.2436
G01 X-7.5173 Y14.1891
G01 X-7.3884 Y14.2186
G01 X-7.1094 Y14.2500
G01 X-6.8286 Y14.2500
G01 X-6.5496 Y14.2186
G01 X-6.2758 Y14.1561
G01 X-6.0108 Y14.0633
G01 X-5.7578 Y13.9415
G01 X-5.5200 Y13.7921
G01 X-5.3005 Y13.6170
G01 X-5.1020 Y13.4185
G01 X-4.9269 Y13.1990
G01 X-4.7775 Y12.9612
G01 X-4.6557 Y12.7082
G01 X-4.5629 Y12.4432
G01 X-4.5004 Y12.1694
G01 X-4.4690 Y11.8904
G01 X-4.4690 Y11.6096
G01 X-4.5004 Y11.3306
G01 X-4.5629 Y11.0568
G01 X-4.6557 Y10.7918
G01 X-4.7775 Y10.5388
G01 X-4.9269 Y10.3010
G01 X-5.1020 Y10.0815
G01 X-5.1835 Y10.0000
G01 X-5.1020 Y9.9185
G01 X-4.9269 Y9.6990
G01 X-4.7775 Y9.4612
G01 X-4.6557 Y9.2082
G01 X-4.5629 Y8.9432
G01 X-4.5004 Y8.6694
G01 X-4.4690 Y8.3904
G01 X-4.4690 Y8.1096
G01 X-4.5004 Y7.8306
G01 X-4.5629 Y7.5568
G01 X-4.6557 Y7.2918
G01 X-4.7775 Y7.0388
G01 X-4.9269 Y6.8010
G01 X-5.1020 Y6.5815
G01 X-5.3005 Y6.3830
G01 X-5.5200 Y6.2079
G01 X-5.7578 Y6.0585
G01 X-6.0108 Y5.9367
G01 X-6.2758 Y5.8439
G01 X-6.5496 Y5.7814
G01 X-6.8286 Y5.7500
G01 X-7.1094 Y5.7500
G01 X-7.3884 Y5.7814
G01 X-7.6622 Y5.8439
G01 X-7.9272 Y5.9367
G01 X-8.1802 Y6.0585
G01 X-8.4180 Y6.2079
G01 X-8.6375 Y6.3830
G01 X-8.8360 Y6.5815
G01 X-9.0111 Y6.8010
G01 X-9.1605 Y7.0388
G01 X-9.2823 Y7.2918
G01 X-9.3574 Y7.5064
G01 X-9.4517 Y7.5609
G01 X-9.5806 Y7.5314
G01 X-9.8596 Y7.5000
G01 X-10.1404 Y7.5000
G01 X-10.4194 Y7.5314
G01 X-10.6203 Y7.5773
G01 X-10.6249 Y7.5568
G01 X-10.7177 Y7.2918
G01 X-10.8395 Y7.0388
G01 X-10.9889 Y6.8010
G01 X-11.1640 Y6.5815
G01 X-11.3625 Y6.3830
G01 X-11.5820 Y6.2079
G01 X-11.8198 Y6.0585
G01 X-12.0728 Y5.9367
G01 X-12.3378 Y5.8439
G01 X-12.6116 Y5.7814
G01 X-12.8906 Y5.7500
G01 X-13.1714 Y5.7500
G01 X-13.4504 Y5.7814
G01 X-13.7242 Y5.8439
G01 X-13.9892 Y5.9367
G01 X-14.2422 Y6.0585
G01 X-14.4800 Y6.2079
G01 X-14.6995 Y6.3830
G01 X-14.8980 Y6.5815
G01 X-15.0731 Y6.8010
G01 X-15.2225 Y7.0388
G01 X-15.3443 Y7.2918
G01 X-15.4371 Y7.5568
G01 X-15.4996 Y7.8306
G01 X-15.5310 Y8.1096
G01 X-15.5310 Y8.3904
G01 X-15.4996 Y8.6694
G01 X-15.4371 Y8.9432
G01 X-15.3443 Y9.2082
G01 X-15.2225 Y9.4612
G01 X-15.0731 Y9.6990
G01 X-14.8980 Y9.9185
G01 X-14.8692 Y9.9473
G01 X-14.8692 Y10.0527
G01 X-14.8980 Y10.0815
G01 X-15.0731 Y10.3010
G01 X-15.2225 Y10.5388
G01 X-15.3443 Y10.7918
G01 X-15.4371 Y11.0568
G01 X-15.4996 Y11.3306
G01 X-15.5310 Y11.6096
G01 X-15.5310 Y11.8904
G01 X-15.4996 Y12.1694
G01 X-15.4371 Y12.4432
G01 X-15.3443 Y12.7082
G01 X-15.2225 Y12.9612
G01 X-15.0731 Y13.1990
G01 X-14.8980 Y13.4185
G01 X-14.6995 Y13.6170
G01 X-14.4800 Y13.7921
G01 X-14.2422 Y13.9415
G01 X-13.9892 Y14.0633
G01 X-13.7242 Y14.1561
G01 X-13.4504 Y14.2186
G01 X-13.1714 Y14.2500
G01 X-12.8906 Y14.2500
G01 X-12.6116 Y14.2186
G01 X-12.4107 Y14.1727
G01 X-12.4061 Y14.1932
G00 Z2.5400
G00 X-12.4984 Y14.5349
G01 Z-0.2000 F200.00
G01 X-12.3668 Y14.8081 F300.00
G01 X-12.2055 Y15.0649
G01 X-12.0164 Y15.3020
G01 X-11.8020 Y15.5164
G01 X-11.5649 Y15.7055
G01 X-11.3081 Y15.8668
G01 X-11.0349 Y15.9984
G01 X-10.7486 Y16.0986
G01 X-10.4530 Y16.1660
G01 X-10.1516 Y16.2000
G01 X-9.8484 Y16.2000
G01 X-9.5470 Y16.1660
G01 X-9.2514 Y16.0986
G01 X-8.9651 Y15.9984
G01 X-8.6919 Y15.8668
G01 X-8.4351 Y15.7055
G01 X-8.1980 Y15.5164
G01 X-7.9836 Y15.3020
G01 X-7.7945 Y15.0649
G01 X-7.6332 Y14.8081
G01 X-7.5016 Y14.5349
G01 X-7.4572 Y14.4080
G01 X-7.4220 Y14.4160
G01 X-7.1206 Y14.4500
G01 X-6.8174 Y14.4500
G01 X-6.5160 Y14.4160
G01 X-6.2204 Y14.3486
G01 X-5.9341 Y14.2484
G01 X-5.6609 Y14.1168
G01 X-5.4041 Y13.9555
G01 X-5.1670 Y13.7664
G01 X-4.9526 Y13.5520
G01 X-4.7635 Y13.3149
G01 X-4.6022 Y13.0581
G01 X-4.4706 Y12.7849
G01 X-4.3704 Y12.4986
G01 X-4.3030 Y12.2030
G01 X-4.2690 Y11.9016
G01 X-4.2690 Y11.5984
G01 X-4.3030 Y11.2970
G01 X-4.3704 Y11.0014
G01 X-4.4706 Y10.7151
G01 X-4.6022 Y10.4419
G01 X-4.7635 Y10.1851
G01 X-4.9112 Y10.0000
G01 X-4.7635 Y9.8149
G01 X-4.6022 Y9.5581
G01 X-4.4706 Y9.2849
G01 X-4.3704 Y8.9986
G01 X-4.3030 Y8.7030
G01 X-4.2690 Y8.4016
G01 X-4.2690 Y8.0984
G01 X-4.3030 Y7.7970
G01 X-4.3704 Y7.5014
G01 X-4.4706 Y7.2151
G01 X-4.6022 Y6.9419
G01 X-4.7635 Y6.6851
G01 X-4.9526 Y6.4480
G01 X-5.1670 Y6.2336
G01 X-5.4041 Y6.0445
G01 X-5.6609 Y5.8832
G01 X-5.9341 Y5.7516
G01 X-6.2204 Y5.6514
G01 X-6.5160 Y5.5840
G01 X-6.8174 Y5.5500
G01 X-7.1206 Y5.5500
G01 X-7.4220 Y5.5840
G01 X-7.7176 Y5.6514
G01 X-8.0039 Y5.7516
G01 X-8.2771 Y5.8832
G01 X-8.5339 Y6.0445
G01 X-8.7710 Y6.2336
G01 X-8.9854 Y6.4480
G01 X-9.1745 Y6.6851
G01 X-9.3358 Y6.9419
G01 X-9.4674 Y7.2151
G01 X-9.5118 Y7.3420
G01 X-9.5470 Y7.3340
G01 X-9.8484 Y7.3000
G01 X-10.1516 Y7.3000
G01 X-10.4530 Y7.3340
G01 X-10.4882 Y7.3420
G01 X-10.5326 Y7.2151
G01 X-10.6642 Y6.9419
G01 X-10.8255 Y6.6851
G01 X-11.0146 Y6.4480
G01 X-11.2290 Y6.2336
G01 X-11.4661 Y6.0445
G01 X-11.7229 Y5.8832
G01 X-11.9961 Y5.7516
G01 X-12.2824 Y5.6514
G01 X-12.5780 Y5.5840
G01 X-12.8794 Y5.5500
G01 X-13.1826 Y5.5500
G01 X-13.4840 Y5.5840
G01 X-13.7796 Y5.6514
G01 X-14.0659 Y5.7516
G01 X-14.3391 Y5.8832
G01 X-14.5959 Y6.0445
G01 X-14.8330 Y6.2336
G01 X-15.0474 Y6.4480
G01 X-15.2365 Y6.6851
G01 X-15.3978 Y6.9419
G01 X-15.5294 Y7.2151
G01 X-15.6296 Y7.5014
G01 X-15.6970 Y7.7970
G01 X-15.7310 Y8.0984
G01 X-15.7310 Y8.4016
G01 X-15.6970 Y8.7030
G01 X-15.6296 Y8.9986
G01 X-15.5294 Y9.2849
G01 X-15.3978 Y9.5581
G01 X-15.2365 Y9.8149
G01 X-15.0888 Y10.0000
G01 X-15.2365 Y10.1851
G01 X-15.3978 Y10.4419
G01 X-15.5294 Y10.7151
G01 X-15.6296 Y11.0014
G01 X-15.6970 Y11.2970
G01 X-15.7310 Y11.5984
G01 X-15.7310 Y11.9016
G01 X-15.6970 Y12.2030
G01 X-15.6296 Y12.4986
G01 X-15.5294 Y12.7849
G01 X-15.3978 Y13.0581
G01 X-15.2365 Y13.3149
G01 X-15.0474 Y13.5520
G01 X-14.8330 Y13.7664
G01 X-14.5959 Y13.9555
G01 X-14.3391 Y14.1168
G01 X-14.0659 Y14.2484
G01 X-13.7796 Y14.3486
G01 X-13.4840 Y14.4160
G01 X-13.1826 Y14.4500
G01 X-12.8794 Y14.4500
G01 X-12.5780 Y14.4160
G01 X-12.5428 Y14.4080
G01 X-12.4984 Y14.5349
G00 Z2.5400
G00 Z5.0000

plug.bot.drill.tap (adapted for drilling 8mm deep pin holding tool)
G00 Z5.0000
G00 X0.0000 Y-5.0000
M06 T01 ; 1.4500
G01 Z0.0000 F200.00
M06 T01 ; 1.4500
G00 Z2.5400
G04 P2.000000
G00 Z2.540000
G00 X-6.9690 Y8.2500
G01 Z-8 F100
G01 Z2.540000
(R2.5400 P0.500000)
(G00 Z2.540000)
G00 X-6.9690 Y11.7500
G01 Z-8 F100
G01 Z2.540000
(G00 Z2.540000)
G00 X-10.0000 Y10.0000
G01 Z-8 F100
G01 Z2.540000
(G00 Z2.540000)
G00 X-10.0000 Y13.5000
G01 Z-8 F100
G01 Z2.540000
(G00 Z2.540000)
G00 X-13.0310 Y8.2500
G01 Z-8 F100
G01 Z2.540000
(G00 Z2.540000)
G00 X-13.0310 Y11.7500
G01 Z-8 F100
G01 Z2.540000
G00 Z5.0000


G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000
G04 P2.000000
G00 Z2.5400
G0 X-3.2 Y10
G1 Z-1 F200
G2 X-16.8 Y10 I-6.8 J0 F100
G2 X-3.2 Y10 I6.8 J0 F100
G1 Z2.5
G00 X-9.5000 Y4.4000

G1 Z-1 F200
G01 X-10.5000 Y4.4000 F100.00
G00 Z5.0000
G0 X0 Y0


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